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Your Expat Insurance Ally in Germany

Are you an expat, feeling  lost in Germany´s healthcare maze?

Well, you're not alone! As a husband to an expat and with two decades of experience in the field, I've personally navigated and understand your unique challenges.

Why trust me? With my experience in consulting hundreds of expats, I specialize in finding insurance solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

During my tenure at ottonova, I developed customized tariffs and streamlined processes specifically for expats. This experience has equipped me with invaluable insights into what works best for you.

My expertise extends to a broad range of insurance and finance topics. As an independent, certified Insurance Broker licensed by the German Chamber of Commerce, I'm equipped to handle these areas for you. 

For clear, actionable advice and personalized solutions, let's connect!

Together, let's secure the right insurance coverage for your peace of mind in Germany.

Felix Kugelmann, Insurance Advisor
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What our customers say about us

Thank you for the impressive consultation! All inquiries and doubts were resolved promptly. It was a thoroughly reliable support and I would definitely recommend it.
Jan Siebert, Online-Entrepreneur

I highly recommend Felix if you have any questions regarding insurance.

With vast experience at a world-leading insurer and cutting-edge fintech companies in Germany, Felix demonstrates a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by expats and entrepreneurs. His clarity, emphasis on value, and structured approach make him an invaluable resource in navigating insurance solutions tailored to your needs.

David Cahez, IT-Consultant & Entrepreneur

What Insurances do I need?

Secure your health with the right insurance, be it public with supplemental plans or a tailored private policy. It´s mandatory in Germany.
Essential insurances like liability, legal, and disability cover safeguard your financial health against life's uncertainties.
Invest in your future with household and life insurance, alongside smart pension and investment strategies.
Let's talk about your situation.
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4 Simple Steps to your Health Insurance


In our initial talk, we'll address your questions and explore how my services can best assist your insurance needs.

We'll conduct a thorough health check and guide you smoothly through the medical risk assessment process.

I'll  meticulously compare over 5000 tariffs from 100+ insurers to craft the perfect insurance proposal for you.
Once you've reviewed all the details, I'll manage the final steps, ensuring a seamless transition to your new coverage.
Let's talk about your situation.
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About Felix Kugelmann

Felix Kugelmann

I fluently speak English and German, bridging language barriers with ease.
My focus is on expats, understanding your specific challenges in Germany.
As an expat's spouse, I've lived the complexities you're facing.
I bring over 20 years of expertise in the insurance industry to the table.
I'm a certified Insurance Broker, licensed by the German Chamber of Commerce.
At ottonova, I innovated insurance solutions specifically for expats, showing my commitment to tailored services.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key differences between public and private health insurance in Germany?

  • Public insurance covers basic health services, while private insurance offers more extensive and customized options.
  • Public insurance premiums are income-based; private insurance premiums depend on age, health, and coverage level.
  • Private insurance often means shorter wait times and access to specialists.
  • Private insurance plans can be tailored to individual needs, whereas public insurance is more standardized.

How does the health insurance requirement affect my German visa application?

  • Health insurance is mandatory for all visa applicants.
  • You must show proof of valid health insurance when applying for a visa.
  • Both public and private insurance are acceptable, but the coverage must meet German standards.

What other types of insurance should i consider as an expat or entrepreneur in Germany?

  • Liability Insurance: Protects you from claims of third-party damage or injury.

  • Legal Insurance: Useful for covering legal costs in various personal and professional matters.
  • Income Protection Insurance: Ensures a steady income if you're unable to work due to illness or injury.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: Important for covering legal costs and claims of negligence or mistakes in your professional work.

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