Exploring Health Insurance in Germany: A Guide for Expats

Health Insurance  can seam like quite a difficult topic in Germany. But It´s actually not that difficult and  I can help you here. The main points you need to know are:
  • Everybody needs health Insurance in Germany by law
  • We have two systems, private and public
  • There is no one size fits all



Obligatory for everybody that is an employee and earns less than €69,300 per year.

Public health insurance offers comprehensive coverage including general medical care, hospital stays, and prescription medications.

Cost Based on Income: Premiums are income-based, typically amounting to a fixed percentage of your salary, making it affordable and equitable.


Freelancers, business owner and employees with a salary higher up from €69,300 per year are eligable.
Tailored Plans: Offers the flexibility to choose tailor-made plans and additional services, such as private hospital rooms, faster access to specialists or alternative treatments.

Premiums are calculated based on individual risk factors, including age, health status, and chosen benefits, which can be higher than public insurance for some.

Health issues

Frequently asked questions answered

What kind of health Insurance do i need for my Visa?

For all Visas that allow you to stay long term in Germany with the intend to work here as employee, business owner or employee you need public or private health Insurance. If you have a tourist Visa travel health Insurance will be sufficient.

Will the premiums change because of my age?

Premiums of your health insurance will increase most likely over time, but not because you get older. Public health insurance will get more expensive because the base and the percentage it´s calculated from will go up. Private health Insurance needs to increase the prices when the costs for all insured persons go up. The last 20 years public was increasing its premiums on average a little higher than private insurances. 

Is private Insurance too expensive when I have children?

It depends highly on your individual situation. Is your partner also working or not? If your children have private Insurance you can calculate round about 180 Euro per child extra. So it depends. We can figure that out together. 

Is my public Insurance also covering health costs abroad?

Public health insurance covers the same costs than in Germany in most other European countries. Sometimes you don´t get everything reimbursed, so it´s smart to have a top up cover if you travel.

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